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“Never decide to do nothing just because you can only do little”

A friend, who is a Life Coach, quoted this on Facebook recently and it really resonated with me. Like many, I am juggling Home School 2.0, along with my business, and to add to the fun, we’re also trying to complete a remodel on our house, with all the curve balls Covid and Brexit are throwing our way!

Each day brings challenges and it feels very much like one day at a time again, albeit with the added general fatigue from the extended situation. But there is also gratitude, often for the little things.

With that backdrop I had a thought whilst on a run over the holidays - ok, more of a jog - which started with a simple question, “how can I help?” I reflected on the last year and how as well as a big increased focus from clients on overall inclusion and diversity strategy, the other main growth area was remote working. Extending the support I’ve offered for years on work life balance and flexibility to help both teams and individuals with the specific challenges this brings. For many, this challenge is greater than ever, so why not offer some pro bono 121 sessions?

I have to be honest my first instinct when home school descended again was to kick this idea to the kerb, but then I read this line and challenged myself. Surely, I could find an hour a week for a month. So, that’s what I’m offering. Four, 45 min sessions, which are completely confidential and whilst each will be tailored to the individual, they broadly cover a discussion on the benefits and key challenges of remote working that you’re experiencing, and some potential tips and tools and how they might work for you.

This invitation is directly to those in my network - if you think I can be of help to you or someone you know, please email me or send me a private message on LinkedIn with a one liner on what you’re finding challenging / why you think I could help. I’ll select the 4 I think I can offer the most help to and for anyone else I’ll share some written tips instead. I hope it spreads a little positivity in challenging times….

“Never decide to do nothing just because you can only do little. Do what you can. You would be surprised at what “little acts” have done for our world”, Steve Maraboli. Cheers to that!


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